Best idea for Myanmar Souvenirs

Best idea for Myanmar Souvenirs

If you have a very good time exploring our Myanmar country then you may wonder what to bring back home, what souvenirs that are typically Burmese and remind you of such sweet memory. The answer is : Myanmar has big loads of things from decorating items to something you can drink and keep for long time.

These are the top 10 Myanmar Souvenirs depicting either the Myanmar skills or the cultural signature and uniquely from the country :


There is no way to resist a puppet show when you traveling through Myanmar. It is either in Mandalay, Bagan, or Yangon, local artists display in hotels, and theatres and it could be one of the very first impressions of Myanmar traditional folks with the high art of hand performance and melodious music. 
After certain times on the stages, puppets become marionettes and they are often old, yet you still can buy new puppets certainly. They are very beautiful to be placed on your desk or your bookshelf.

burma umbrella

Myanmar Souvenir idea : Pathein Umbrella

There are two famous types of umbrellas in Myanmar that are known in many guidebooks: the paper umbrella in Shan State and the Pathein umbrella. Both two places have their own technique to make the umbrella and decorating the hat manually. Pathein probably gains a better reputation as its umbrella are widely sold nationally wide as it is good not only in small size but also in big size, featuring perfect choice for a garden or pool sit.
Umbrellas are made in various motifs as well colors allowing you to choose by your own favor. If you hesitate whether this type of umbrella can fit for a summer in Europe/ US? it does.
After your holiday in Myanmar, getting a visible souvenir like an umbrella in your garden is a sweet recall. 

burma lacquer souvenir
Photo: Hannes Rada

Beautiful Myanmar Souvenirs for the house : Lacquer Wares

Locally produced in Bagan, lacquer ware of Myanmar differs from other countries by its original assembling methods as well the decoration on the surface. For those, who once witnessed the Bagan artisan curve the bamboo, paint the bow and draw meticulously in a small factory from jars, and plates to furniture, it is very worth buying some to put in your living rooms. 
Lacquer can be used also for your kitchen and working desk alike. For us, there are many products that you can take as gift for your friends, family/
Best place to buy: Bagan

Photo : Pierre Maron


While Tartan often inspires you with Scotland dress, Longyi is truly a reminder of Burmese traditional skirts that are worn by both women and men. Longyi is actually a big silk using a special technique to wrap around your body. This silk is cotton fabric and decorated by a sophisticated silk thread, offering great comfort when you walk under the tropical weather of Myanmar.
It is pretty special as Burmese people give the name as Paso when men wear Longyi while Htamein when it is put on a woman`s body. 
Best place to buy: Inle Lake or Yangon 

buddha gift

Wooden Buddha Statue

If there is something that reminds you very much about Myanmar, it is a wooden Buddha head or statue. Moreover, the Buddha statue is also a beautiful reflection of Burmese sculpture traditional workshops. 
These valuable souvenirs are perfect to decorate your living room.
Best place to buy : Yangon , Mandalay

souvenir shop burma
Photo: Teh Han Lin

Shan Handbags

Shan state is not only famous for its wealthy cuisine but also its varied traditional works. It is home to the factories of umbrellas, and papers. To have something with a more colorful touch to bring home, we also recommend Shan bags. They are made by local hill tribes who live around Inle Lake with distinctive, eye-catching designs. 
Shan handbags are available at the market of Inle Lake and Yangon. 


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