10 Best Laos Travel Experiences

10 Best Laos Travel Experiences

Laos has beautiful setting an unique culture. Though the country has no beach but it has splenty of amazing experiences for an authentic Asia holiday. From stunning Don Khong island to fascinating Luang Prabang town, these are just some of the best things you should soak up in Laos :

luang prabang

Waterfall Hopping in Luang Prabang

The town is recognized as one of the most attractive Unesco World Heritage Sites in Asia. For cultural enthusiasts, Luang Prabang is an ideal destination to immerse in Laos rich culture reflecting through old temples and pagoda but Luang Prabang has more than that to offer. 
The surrounding of this beguiling town is full of natural wonders with numerous waterfalls. The most popular one is Kuang Sii which locates about 1,5 hour drive from the town.
For a less touristic trail, Tad Sae, lying about 15km from the town is a perfect spot to plunge into the natural pool or simply photograph the pristine nature.
If you have more time, check out the cascading Hoy Khua, known as 1000 families waterfall.


Search of French airs in Vientiane by Bike

Vientiane, the capital of the country, barely exceeds 700,000 inhabitants and is fully accessible by bicycle. Rent your two wheels and explore the city in search of the French footprints resulting from his time as a protectorate of France. Names of the streets in Laotian and French, a triumphal arch (Patuxai) that reminds us of the one that crowns the Champs Elysees in Paris and, above all, dozens of boulangeries waiting for you to stand the heat with good coffee, baguettes, and croissants.

With the desire to do more sport? Come at sunset on the bank of the Mekong and practice with the locals while you watch the sun fall on the river!

tak bat
                                                                                                                                          Photo: flickr.com

Watching Morning Alm Collecting

Laos is a Buddhist oriented country. From small village to big cities, there are monasteries which function not only worshipping places but also education centers. 
Amongst the best Laos Travel Experiences, watching morning alm collecting is probably the best way to live in the culture. This ceremony is called Tak Bat which represents the spirit of Laos people who shares their food with monks and considering donation as part of their life. 
You may need to wake up early to catch up the scene but it is really interesting and photogenic as well. 

vang vieng

Hit the kayak in the beautiful Vang Vieng

Vang Vieng has long ceased to be a quiet town after the massive arrival of backpackers in search of a party; however, today there is little left of the dangerous revelry on either side of the Nam Song River. Only a couple of bars are open for those who are crazy for drinking Beer after a day of tubing or rent a float and get carried away by the current.

Move your bones and enjoy the karst landscape of this city of Laos giving the oar on board a kayak, go into their sacred caves and travel around following some of the interesting trekking routes.

laos food

Taste the Laotian cuisine

Although less varied than its neighboring countries, the gastronomy of Laos has much to offer those who dare to leave the pancake route. The main ingredient, the sticky rice or glutinous rice served in beautiful baskets, accompanies rich curries and a tasty salad of meat and herbs watered with lime.

What better than a good baguette and an aromatic coffee for breakfast? The French imprint is easily palpable early in the morning when the sandwich stands to grow like mushrooms. The baguettes of pate, eggs, and bacon are accompanied by the delicious coffee grown in the Bolaven Plateau, in the south of the country.


Explore temples lost and devoured by the jungle

The temples of neighboring Cambodia are impressive but almost no one has heard of the spectacular Wat Phou in the Laos region of Champasak. World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 2001, this ensemble of Khmer architecture temples built in the 11th century leaves anyone speechless with the spectacular nature that surrounds it. Its designers were based on the mountain that redesigned its city and, at the moment, the traveler is impressed by the grandiosity of the plateau in which Champasak is situated.


Drive your motorcycle through the so-called Bolaven Plateau

Always with caution, rent a motorcycle in the city of Paksé and explore this almost unknown area of Laos at your leisure. The Plateau de Bolaven offers for those who dare spectacular landscapes based on coffee plantations and waterfalls that will leave you open-mouthed.

kong lor

Caving in Kong Lor 

It is a trendy activity in Laos since 2012. No matter you are an avid adventurer or not, you still can enjoy something at Khammouane Khast National Protected Area. The cave is best explored by boat and foot. 

cruise mekong

Cruise Mekong River

Amongst many ways to appreciate the varied landscapes of Laos, taking a Mekong river journey is probably the most relaxing and interesting way. The offers from world class wooden cruises can take you as far as the destination of 4000 islands or Cambodia- Laos border. 
The best option is the downstream sail 7 days, filled with fascinating shore excursions to many unspoiled attractions.

water festival
                                                                                                              Photo: Zakir Hossain

Attend Pi Mai Festival

Known as the water festival or Laos New Year, Pi Mai is the biggest national wide festival in the country. It does not only bring fun from water fighting game but also the big feast for all visitors.  
The celebration also marks the begining of raining season as well to honor Buddhist spirits. 

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