Top trekking routes in Myanmar

Top trekking routes in Myanmar

Although Myanmar is famous for islands, the country has a wealth of diversity that offers some of the most breathtaking treks in Asia. Our travel experts reveals some insider tips of where you should place your trekking adventure in our country
putao myanmar

Putao and Himalaya Range

This rugged area is the ultimate destination where you can come face to face to pristine nature surrounded by snowcapped mountain, cascading river and untamed forest trails.
Treks can be very challenging if you make the effort to conquer Hkakabo Razi peak which situates on the elevation of 5,881, known as the highest peak of Southeast Asia. The possibilities to access the wild with different Himalaya trek routes.
If not to mention about the stunning landscapes, Putao is a defining destination for mountain dirt bike and river rafting in Burma.

Recommendation: Putao is best visited from Oct to April when there are more flights from Mandalay to this city.

hsipaw trek                                                                                                           Photo from Jonno Diana 


This less known trek site has something to attract all adventurers who expect some sort of gentle trek in combination with cultural exploration, especially for Shan State and its former princess, palace.
Thibaw (Burmese pronoun ) has tranquil river, high waterfall amidst the verdant local plantation hence it offers the beautiful changes for everyday trek.
Recommendation: do not miss Nam Tok waterfall and get a guided tour for Shan Palace. Check our Hsipaw Trekking Adventure 

mt victoria

Mt. Victoria

Accessing the remote Mt. Victoria requires a long drive yet the experience is rewarding. It is a place to trek along the undulating path passing through a number of small villages, lush valleys and most importantly to see the unique Chin hill tribes who tattooed their faces in rich tradition.
Another advantage of any trek to Chin state, home to Mt. Victoria is the weather. You will witness the mild, European like temperature around 22° degree.

Recommendation: spend 3 to 6 days with at least 1 night homestay to have something more than just a glimpse. You need to arrange the travel permit with a local tour operator to ensure your trip go smooth



Tucked away from the main tourist radar, Kengtung boasts extraordinary scenery and cultural riches that you may not find elsewhere in Myanmar. Most of the travelers make their base in Kengtung town and do day trips to soak up the intimate interaction with Lahu, Akha tribes.  
Recommendation: visit Chinese temple, see monks collecting alms in the morning and the local market are the highlights that Kengtung offers after the trek to Hokyin Mountain.

kalaw people

Kalaw to Inle Lake

This is the most popular trek routes in Myanmar since the country opened for tourism. There are options for 2 and 3 days trek with homestay in local monasteries as well homestay. Trekkers are offered grand Mountain View, observing the working of tea harvesting, planting rice and other farm activities on the way.  
While Kalaw has a peaceful town with signature of British era architect, Inle is studded with ruin stupas, floating gardens and still villages, vineyards,… these characters make your trek more colorful than you can imagine.
Recommendation: this trek is best if you combine with 2 days relaxation in Inle lake or 1 day at the elephant camp at Green Hill.



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