Mrauk U Hotels

Plan better your travel plan with our selected recommendation for hotels in Mrauk U, one of the most intriguing archeaological sites in Asia. 
Maruk U Princess Resort

Address: Aung Tat Yat, Mrauk U, Mrauk U, Myanmar
The most luxurious hotel in Mrauk U archeaological zone, Mrauk U Princess is a perfect find for all leisure visit to this area....
Mrauk U Palace Resort

Address: Lark Kouk Zee Qr, Alodawpyi Street, Mrauk u, Rakhine State, Myanmar
Mrauk U Palace Resort is one of the convenient hotels in Mrauk U, Rakhine State, Myanmar. The hotel was opened in late 2012 and...
The Prince Garden Hotel Mrauk U

Address: No. (536) Yangon-Sittwe Road, Alzee Quarter, Mrauk U , Rakhine State Myanmar.
The Prince Garden Hotel in Mrauk- U is the first the pioneer tourist accommodations in 1996 , the Prince Garden Hotel remains a...
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The holiday your way !
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