Why Book With Us

Why Book With Us

At Authentic Asia Tours, our core value is to deliver the best service possible in every itinerary we proposed. Personalized work with effort of making every details good along with consulting some stunning ideas to make your experience different are our expertise

Our Work is Recommended

Better than all words, our work gains happy juice and you can contact our happy customers through our Tripadvisor business:

Personalized Travel

Our itinerary and services are all personally crafted to make sure you enjoy the holiday your ways ! Our experts calculate meticuliously your sophisticated interests, needs and demands to make sure you have the maximum of what you expect during your holiday with us, not to say more than that !

Insightful Experience

For us, we always encourage our team to put more than just ordinary visits to our tour proposal, we do our best to let you see a country beneath its surfaces. Your signature experience may be a homestay in the middle of Ha Giang mountain, a remote road cycling in Siem Reap or an encounter to tatoo faced hill tribes in Chin States.. all is about to make your trip exceptional !

Insider Travel Experts

Our travel experts are locally employed with good language, customers skill but that is not all. They travel extensively every year and get connected with local partners, understanding well the destinations they offered. Either it is the remote Putao or vibrant Mandalay, they know they best that we should offer.

You are in a very good Hand 

What makes our service outstanding is our customer care. While during the preparation steps, you are often having timely email exchange, during your trip, our tour operator communicate with you for the first leg, checking the services with you daily and see you off when you leave Myanmar as well. 
We also have hotline phone that you can reach us anytime of the day.