Border Crossing Tours
Border Crossing Tours

Border Crossing Tours

These Myanmar Overland Border Crossing Tours are designed to maximize your road experiences as well having a beautiful touch to Myanmar's culture. The trips allow you to travel in your own vehicle. 
Please take time to check out the most practical information for your Overland Adventure in Myanmar then select your dream trip with us :

Myanmar Overland Permit

Officially, the Ministry of Hotel & Tourism only issues the Overland Permit if your travel is registered through an Authorized Tour Operator based in Myanmar. This means you can not apply for the permit yourself!
What is the requirement to obtain the permit :
- The exact travel itinerary of your trip
- Hotel bookings
- Local Tour Guide
- Assistance Vehicle
- Technical Details of Your Vehicle 
- Photo of your vehicle
- Myanmar Visa
- Driving License

Practical Information for Burma Border Crossing

Here are some of the most important information for border crossing in Myanmar:

Which border we can do Overland/ Caravan Travel

Amongst all the countries which have borders with Myanmar, currently, you can enter by the following border checkpoints 
* India- Myanmar: Tamu/Moreh, Rih Khaw Dar/Zowkhawthar borders 
* Thailand - Myanmar: Mae Sot / Myawaddy, Ranong / Kawthoung, Mae Sai / Tachilek, Phu Nam Ron / Htee Khee
* China - Myanmar: Muse 
- Bangladesh and Laos Borders are not possible to cross so far. 

When you Need to Apply for Overland Permit

- At least 15 days prior to your actual travel. 
- If you are not able to schedule your travel on time, the permit is valid for a maximum of 5 days later. 
For example: if your planned date is 1st Dec, you can not enter by the 7th Dec. 
After the mentioned date, you need to make a new Permit. 

Can I arrange the Hotel/ Services by myself?

As mentioned for the permit, you are asked to book the hotels with an authorized Myanmar tour operator. This does not mean you can not choose the hotel you want. 
You can choose the hotels and book with us so we can take care of your permit/ travel easily. 

Can I sleep in my Camper Van?

Yes, you can but it does not help to reduce the cost as the Ministry requires real hotel booking. In this case, you still need to pay for the hotel room.
Another factor we should mention is Myanmar camping infrastructure is not available to you to get supplied. 

Can I apply for Visa along with my Vehicle?

The answer is no. However, it is easy to obtain a visa now with the online portal. The official visa site allows you to apply for a visa 6 months before you travel. Make sure you check all the details. 

Top Myanmar Overland Tours

Our suggested itineraries for Myanmar Caravan Tours are customizable. If you want to have a personalized tour, please contact us
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The holiday your way !
The holiday your way !
Our tour is totally flexible from the first step you plan your trip until the time you start our tour. first step till you depart. You are free make changes until you feel satisfied with your plan