Interesting facts about Chinese New Year

Interesting facts about Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is undoubted one of the biggest events in the world. Billions of people not only Chinese people celebrate this festival every year. That traditions vary beautifully from one country to another. 
These are some of the most interesting facts about Chinese New Year - Chinese Celebration Way :

chinese new year dance
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Say “Happy New Year!”

During the celebrations, locals and visitors to the festival express their great feelings for the New Year by saying “Happy New Year” to their buddies.
In Mandarin, you can "say gong xi fa cai", Cantonese say "gong hey fat Choi to" mean “Happy New Year”.

How to Name that holiday

Chinese New Year is a spring festival rejoiced in China and other Southeast Asian countries with a diverse population of Chinese people such as Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore and more. In other countries like Vietnam, it’s known as Tet and Koreans know it as Seollal.

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Firecrackers Tradition

All streets of Chinese cities are filled with firecrackers exploding like bombs. These fireworks are meant both for celebrations and as well scare away the dragon-lion monster Nian that often attack villagers.

new year symbol

Chinese Zodiac signs

China has over twelve Zodiac signs that are taken more seriously. They include a dragon, Dog, Pig, Rabbit and more. While in the festival, you can interpret the meaning of the signs;
Dragon means strong, authoritative and successful, Rabbit (sensitive, modest and warm), Dog (sincere, independent and loyal). Couples prefer having babies in the dragon year since your sign is determined by the birth year.

Red Color Meaning

In Chinese culture, red is a lucky color that exhibits happiness and prosperity. That’s why it is widely used during the celebrations. To add on, red scares away monster Nian since it is more fearful of it.
When it is your Zodiac year, you will put on more red than others. Locals prepare for this event in advance by visiting stores from December through February for red attires.

Decorate for good fortune

Decoration is the order of the day, all windows, doors, walls of buildings in the Chinese cities are adorned with red paper cuttings and red banners that present spring festival couplets. In public structures like hotels, malls, offices, kumquat trees and red-paper lanterns are strung up to wish good luck.

Exchange envelopes Custom

Hongbao is a red packet that usually includes cash inside. It is a key point for the Chinese New Year celebrations. This gift is often given to the young generation by elders. Married ones are supposed to give Hongbao, and singles receive it during the ceremonies.

Lion Dance

Depends on each region, there are many exciting activities during the New Year Celebration but Lion Dance is a popular performance you can see national wide in China. 
Shops and restaurants also hang the lucky envolop to challenge the dancer - they are prepared to jump as high as possible to grab this lucky money. 

Cut hair early

To enter the New Year without the last year’s bad luck, locals shave off the hair before midnight; all salons are packed with people. After welcoming the New Year, there is no more washing for 24 hours, and this is meant to avoid cleansing away the good luck.

Rent a date ( Only In China )

If you are single, you can rent a boyfriend or girlfriend to give you company during the celebrations. There are online platforms like Taobao, where you can get better deals.

Join the fun

This festival is mostly celebrated at home, with your family relatives and friends. To have more fun, you can visit some vibrant spots like temples in Beijing or Ditan Park where red lanterns are strung overhead, and live performances including; Tibetan folk dancing and magic shows are held.

Some notes for travel

During Chinese New Year, there are only few restaurants, services open except for the bookings which are already made with attention. If you travel to China in this Lunar New Year, it is advisable to organize well your transportation, foodie options as well tourist services.

If you travel to a country where there is China town, it would be very exciting to mingle with the local Chinese community for the few first days of the year. You will love to enjoy their delicious food, attending their colorful dances or even get invited for some special events. 


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