Myanmar Holiday Packages from India

Myanmar Holiday Packages from India

Myanmar is a very tempting country to explore. It has all the things you need for a perfect holiday from snow-capped mountains to sunny beaches, from unique landscapes to the sacred pagodas. Our Myanmar Holiday and Tour Packages from India are designed to show you the best of Myanmar. 

10 Best Myanmar Holiday Packages from India

Here are some of the most attractive itineraries that could be your lifetime experience in Myanmar. From a 6-day trip to 15-day holiday, these tours are packed with the ultimate experiences and major attractions of Myanmar.

Glimpse of Myanmar 6 days

An ideal plan to experience the differences in Myanmar during a one-week trip. Along the journey from Yangon to Inle Lake, you'll get to enjoy the most famous places in Shan state, the holy temples of Bagan, and wonderful cultural experiences.
Brief itinerary:
Day 01: Yangon Arrival
Day 02: Yangon fly to Bagan. See the best of Bagan
Day 03: Journey to Mt. Popa. Visit Bagan villages
Day 04: Fly to Inle Lake. Explore Inle waterways
Day 05: Inle Market - Afternoon flight to Yangon
Day 06: Yangon Departure
This Myanmar Tour package from India is ideal for those who do not have much time and want to enjoy the highlights of Myanmar from south to north. 
Full details at: Myanmar at a glance 

Best of Myanmar 8 Days Tour

"Explore Myanmar's Best" is a fun travel plan that lets you visit the most famous places in Myanmar. You'll start in the exciting city of Yangon and then go to the incredible historical site of Bagan. This trip isn't just about seeing the popular spots – you'll also get to enjoy special experiences that make Myanmar unique.  
Brief Itinerary 
Day 01: Yangon Arrival
Day 02: Yangon Fly to Heho. Visit Inle Lake
Day 03: Excursion to Indein Market & Stupas. Fly to Mandalay
Day 04: Mandalay City Tour
Day 05: Explore Mandalay's ancient Capital. Fly to Bagan
Day 06: See the best of Bagan
Day 07: Bagan Local Life Experience. Fly to Yangon
Day 08: Yangon City Tour - Departure

Myanmar Tour from India on Budget for 8 days

This tour is good for seeing the country`s magnificent sites but also fits your budget. If your concern is to save money then it is simply an easy choice.
Brief Itinerary
Day 01: Yangon Arrival
Day 02: Yangon City Tour. Taking the overnight bus to Mandalay. 
Day 03: Visit Mandalay city and the highlighted attractions. 
Day 04: Sightseeing to Pyin Oo Lwin and return to Mandalay. 
Day 05: Morning bus from Mandalay to Bagan. Enjoy a half-day tour in Bagan by bike.
Day 06: See the best of Bagan
Day 07: Bagan to Inle Lake by bus. 
Day 08: Yangon City Tour - Departure

Myanmar Holiday 9 days with Beach

Amongst many choices for Myanmar 9-day itineraries, the option with Ngapali Beach seems perfect. It showcases the contrasts of culture, landscapes, and lifestyle among Myanmar regions and lets you time to touch the fine sand of a Myanmar Beach.
Day 01: Arrive in Yangon. Photograph the Shwedagon Pagoda and explore Yangon`s highlights.
Day 02: Full-day orientation tour to see Myanmar National Museum and other attractions.
Day 03: Take a flight to Bagan early morning. An optional Bagan Photo Tour is good for those who are keen on photography. 
Day 04: Another day in Bagan to learn about its traditional workshops and less-visited attractions.
Day 05: Fly from Bagan to Ngapali Beach. Free at leisure.
Day 06: Your own time in Ngapali Beach. ( check also: things to do in Ngapali Beach ).
Day 07: Ngapali Beach. Fly back to Yangon in the afternoon.
Day 08: Yangon to Bago ancient capital day trip.
Day 09: Departure from Yangon.

Myanmar Discovery 10-day Road Trip to Buddhism Sites

There are many ways to spend 10 days in Myanmar, here is one of the most interesting ways:
Day 01: Arrive in Yangon. Explore India and Chinatown. 
Day 02: Travel to the famous Golden Rock. 
Day 03: Golden Rock back to Yangon via Bago with a visit to Bagan`s biggest pagoda.
Day 04: Travel to Bagan by air. Spend a full day to see Bagan`s most outstanding attractions.
Day 05: Day trip from Bagan to Popa, one of the most sacred sites in northern Myanmar.
Day 06: Bagan to Mandalay then explore Mandalay Royal Palaces as well as numerous Mandalay`s tourist sites.
Day 07: Bagan to Pyin Oo Lwin - a great mountain site to enjoy nature including a trip to the National Botanical Garden.
Day 08: Mandalay to Inle Lake. Take a boat tour around the lake.
Day 09: Do market hopping to Indein and its surroundings. Return to Yangon.
Day 10: Yangon shopping and departure. 

Myanmar Cultural In-depth 11-day

Explore the enchanting cultural wonders of Myanmar with this specially crafted itinerary. Experience the magic through activities such as a hands-on cooking class, serene countryside biking, a delightful lunch at a nunnery, and immersive explorations of ancient temples. 
Day 01: Arrival in Mandalay. Tour the must-sees of Mandalay.
Day 02 Mandalay - Countryside Biking & Nunnery.
Day 03: Mandalay - Mingun - U Bein Bridge
Day 04: Mandalay to Bagan. 
Day 05: Bagan Temple Exploration
Day 06: Bagan - Cooking Class and Sunset Irrawaddy Cruise Bagan
Day 07: Bagan - Fly to Heho. Visit Kalaw Elephant Camp. Overnight in Nyang Shwe town.
Day 08: A boat tour of Inle Lake.
Day 09: Inle Lake to Sagar day trip.
Day 10: Inle Lake fly to Yangon.
Day 11: Yangon to Bago day tour and departure.

Design your Myanmar Tour Package?

Our travel experts are happy to make a very dedicated Myanmar Travel itinerary. Whether it is an adventure with motorbikes, bikes, or a Myanmar Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour, you`ll have the best services from our team.
To do that, it is very simple. All you need to do is inform us about your travel length, your special interests, your requirements, and your budget. Our team will base on all your given information to form an itinerary that fits them the most. 

What do we need to apply for a visa from India to Myanmar?

Here is the list of what you should have before applying for a Myanmar Visa:
- Scan the bio page from your passport.
- A recent color photograph was taken within the last 3 months.
- Ensure there is at least one blank page in your passport to accommodate the visa stamp.
- An Indian passport with a validity of at least 6 months beyond your intended entry date into Myanmar.
- A valid credit or debit card and a functioning email address.  
These documents are necessary to apply online. If you visit the Myanmar Embassy in New Dheli then you should prepare them on paper and fill up the visa form. 

How to travel from India to Myanmar Update 2023 - 2024

There are 2 ways to travel from India to Myanmar: by air and by land. 

Travel by air from India to Myanmar

There are 2 international airports that welcome foreigners in Myanmar: Yangon International Airport and Mandalay International Airport.
- The most economical flight option from India to Myanmar is the route from Kolkata to Yangon, with fares beginning at just USD 223.75.
- For the quickest travel time from India to Myanmar, consider the Chennai to Yangon route, which typically takes around 3 hours on average.
- Some of the preferred airlines operating between India and Myanmar include Myanmar Airways International, SpiceJet, and Singapore Airlines. 
- In the 2023 - 2024 period, the most frequent flight between India and Myanmar is Dehli - Yangon. 

Border Crossing from India to Myanmar 

With over 1600km borderline, there are 2 official crossing points that allow visitors from India to travel to Myanmar:  Moreh - Tamu and Zokhawthar - Rihkhawdar.
The most common border checkpoint is Moreh -Tamu. 
Up to date 2023: The borders are still closed to tourists. 

Best things to do in Myanmar?

Myanmar is a very diverse country where rugged mountains coexist with stunning beaches, picturesque temple valleys can match with untouched islands to make a wonderful holiday. Things to do in Myanmar are plentiful and here is a short list: 

Experience the city of Yangon where the East and West meet

Commencing a journey in Myanmar usually begins with your arrival in Yangon, formerly referred to as Rangoon, a name that still resonates more widely. While Yangon is gradually embracing cosmopolitan features, like contemporary bars and heightened street activity, its colonial downtown district preserves its unspoiled grandeur. This distinctive quality sets it apart from other Southeast Asian metropolises that have undergone extensive development, sacrificing their historical allure. In this captivating city, you'll find enchantment in the glistening Shwedagon Pagoda, the fascinating National Museum, bustling streets, and a wealth of other treasures waiting to be discovered.

View Shwedagon Pagoda

The Shwedagon Pagoda is super important and amazing to the people of Myanmar. It's one of the top 7 wonders in Asia, alongside famous places like Angkor Wat in Cambodia and the Taj Mahal in India. Even if you don't follow Buddhism, you'll still be awed by how grand and incredible it is.  
Shwedagon Pagoda should be listed on any Myanmar Holiday Packages from India.

Pray at the holy Golden Rock

The Golden Rock is a massive boulder, about 20 meters high, perched in a seemingly precarious balance on the edge of Mount Kyaiktiyo in Myanmar. More than 2,000 years ago, a 7-meter pagoda was constructed on top of this rock, giving it the same name as the mountain itself, Kyaiktiyo Pagoda. Inside the pagoda, a strand of Buddha's hair is preserved, believed to be a precious relic that, according to legend, maintains the boulder's magical and perfect equilibrium.

See the Buddha valley at Hpa An

Hpa An is a rising tourist hotspot, perfect for adventurers seeking a blend of culture and excitement. Traverse lush rice fields, ascend picturesque mountains, marvel at magnificent pagodas, or pay a visit to the world's largest reclining Buddha.
Those who love to practice photography skills should also add Hpa An to a Myanmar Photography Tour

Visit Mandalay Royal Palace

For a trip from India to Myanmar, it is incomplete without visiting the Royal Palace in Mandalay. It's a place with a lot of history. Burmese kings and their families lived there, it was invaded by the English, captured by Japan, and even bombed by the Allies during World War II.
In fact, most of it was destroyed in the war. But there's a special part called the Shwenandaw Monastery, which is made of teak wood and is the original building that's still around today. The rest of the palace had to be rebuilt, but they did a great job. When you visit, you can easily imagine walking through the old halls and seeing how the Burmese king and his family used to live.  

Photo: Andrea Pepoli

Uncover the waterways of Inle Lake

Nestled in the Shan Plateau, Inle Lake is a must-visit destination in your Myanmar adventure. Inle Lake isn't just about the lake itself; the region is divided into three distinct areas: the lake, Nyuangshwe (where most tourists stay), and Tuanggyi.
From enchanting floating villages on stilts to the lively floating market, the captivating Indein pagodas, workshops crafting lotus silk, wine tasting, and unforgettable sunrise boat tours, exploring Inle Lake offers a one-of-a-kind experience. There are so many incredible attractions around Inle Lake to explore.

balloon myanmar

Temple hopping in Bagan

When you're in Bagan, make sure to visit some of the more than 2,200 temples that pop up all over the place. They're everywhere you look! Some important ones to check out are the Bupaya, the Ananda Paya, and the Thatbyinnyu.
But the real fun is when you come across the not-so-famous temples, the ones that are kind of hidden away. There are so many of them that it's like a game of finding temples. One of my favorites was the leaning pagoda of Bagan. I was so excited to discover it that I even added it to my long list of leaning towers from around the world. Who would have thought there was one in Myanmar too?  
See also: things to see in Bagan.

beach ngapali

Soak the sun,sea, sand in Ngapali Beach

Ngapali Beach is a dreamy place with pure white beaches and stunning palm trees – ideal for those who love sharing beautiful photos on Instagram. But it's not just about pictures; it's also a fantastic beach with an endless view of the Indian Ocean. Imagine the incredible sensation of swimming or just splashing around in those warm waters! If you're feeling adventurous, you can even try some water sports in Ngapali. For more information, check out my post on the top things to do in Ngapali.

Best time to visit Myanmar

Visitors from India to Myanmar can admire the landscapes and culture all year round. Depending on the time you travel, you may have different views but there is always something to experience.
The best time to visit Myanmar is from November to April when the weather is pleasant for all the top activities we've mentioned.  
The rest of the year is good if you think about hotels with promotions and travel services with some discounts.

Dry Season:
Runs from October to May.
The weather is cooler, especially at night.
Less rainfall, great for activities like hot-air balloon rides over Bagan.

Wet Season:
Lasts from May/June to late September. Strong winds and heavy rainfall. Highest temperatures of the year.

Practical information about Myanmar Holiday Packages from India

To prepare for your best holiday in Myanmar, here is some useful information you should know

Is Myanmar a good destination for money value?

In general, Myanmar is still a cheap destination. Compared to Thailand, Vietnam, or other Asia destinations, Myanmar is cheaper.
Myanmar's currency is Kyatt. 
100 rupee is equal to about 2,500 kyat. 

How much does it cost to travel to Myanmar?

A flight from India to Myanmar costs from  ₹ 13257 or about $150 depending on your travel date.
In Myanmar, there is a full range of hotels from budget to luxury which means you can spend $10/ night in a very low-budget hostel to $150/ night for a 5-star hotel. 
A full tour package also varies from $30/ day tour to $150/ day depending on your selected service. 
If you are interested in a free quote for a holiday to Myanmar from India, do not hesitate to contact us. 

Are there Indian foods in Myanmar?

If food is your concern then it is not an issue. In Myanmar, Indian foods are very common. You can find Indian restaurants in almost all the big travel sites like Yangon, Mandalay, or Bagan. 
There is a fact that Indian cuisine has a big influence on Burmsese cuisine which means it will not come as to surprise if you find beef curry, or shrimp curry while traveling in Myanmar. 
Certainly, there are also many typical Burmese foods that are worth trying and they are not similar to any other foods you have tried like tea salad, mohinga, etc. 

Internet in Myanmar

The Internet is widely used in Myanmar. Hotels and restaurants provide free internet for their customers in Myanmar.
You can also purchase a sim card to use the internet in Myanmar. 

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