Putao Tours

Putao Tours

Putao lies itself in the foot of Himalaya Range. The whole area is full of mountain challenges as well ethnic diversity. It is well known as the most breathtaking trekking destinations in Myanmar. Hence, most of the Putao Tours relate to adventurous activities like mountain conquest, river rafting or hill tribe trek. 
These are the best options for Putao Tour Packages that you should consider for your travel plan

Putao Discovery 

Duration: 3 days / 2 nights
Trip start: Yangon or Mandalay

This classic tour allows you to soak up the highlights of Putao without heavy physical efforts. 
The first day is left for your leisure with a short walk to see the tranquil town of Putao while on the second day, you`ll visit the central market before journey further to Malikha river and Fairy Island. During your trip, there are chances to photograph Namhti mountain, meeting the friendly Rawan people then the famous pagoda of Kanugmulon. 

Rawan World Tour 

Duration: 4 days/ 3 nights

" A beguiling way to see Putao over its surface " - Our expert said. The Rawan Wold Tour does not only focus on the encounter to the unknown wilderness of Myanmar but also the interaction with the mysterious hill tribe of Rawan. 
This Putao Tour Package has only 1 hotel night that means you will spend the rest 2 nights doing homestay or camping. It is not comfortable but really worthy. Besides trekking time, we also immerse in the water of Malikha river with boat trip or dirt road drive on Jeep. 

The Lisu Trail

Duration: 5 days/ 4 nights

The tour is designed to showcase the uniqueness of the Lisu life exposing through their daily life as well odd traditions. Once in Putao, you`ll be taken to Namtunkoo where the trek through pristine forest leads you to the village of Lisu which situates on the elevation of 11530 feet. 
You will not feel bored as each touring day offers you distinguished scenery : from suspension bridge over the river to evergreen forest and snowcapped peaks. 

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Adunglong Valley Expedition

Duration: 25 days
Trip start: Yangon or Mandalay ( for flight to Putao )

The expedition is not for everyone ! If you expect an otherwordly landscapes without any tourist, trekking in the middle of Asia, the tour has something to inspire you. 
Adunglong Valley tucks away in the Hkakabozari protected area which covers about 3812 km2. 
The trek requires much efforts and we do not recommend amateur trekker to embark on this adventure for certain reasons. However, your experience is rewarding with beautiful gorges, incredible mountain vistas, amazing valleys and waterways, especially where the mighty Irrawaddy River starts. 
Another advantage you should not miss is the chance to understand the life of different ethnic minorities including Doolin Jimphaw, Lisu or White Color Rawan. 

Practical Information for Putao Travel

Best time to Visit
There are different ideas for when you should visit Putao. We may not give you the exact answer but the following information will help you decide better :
Dry season from November to February : the winter time in Putao is the tourist season. During this period, the temperature can be low from 3 to 10 degree and the highest is about 28-30 degree. It could drop dramatically when the snow falls. 
The weather is like in Europe partly so it would be ideal to prepare warm clothes for any adventure.

March to May : these month witness cool weather, ideal for all activities. It is summer time with temperature around 15 degree. Rain could happen these months as well. 

June to October : Rainy season. For long expedition or hard trek, this is the best time to schedule your travel to Putao. The temperature is around 20 degree with high humidity. Rainy season does not have big affect when climbing mountains. 

Best way to get to Putao
At the current time, Putao is best reached by air. There are flights from Mandalay, Mythyiana.
The flight schedule is 


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