Burma Through the Eyes of A photographer

Burma Through the Eyes of A photographer

Burma undoubtedly is one of the most photogenic destinations in Asia. It has its own voice for any photographers who want to seek for something different on their photography journey. From mesmerizing Bagan sunset to the fascinating far north where tourism radar has not reached, the country offers great chances for great photos. 
These captures from Andrea Daddi, a dedicated photographer from Torino, Italia will reveal you more about this fact
burmese thanaka face

The image of a Burmese girl with thanaka face is something really unique and authentically Burmese. This typical cosmetic is only used in Myanmar ! it protects the sun and shows the charm of local people. 

sule yangon street

Yangon, the economic hub of Myanmar is a truly vibrant city. There are amazings finds for foods, arts and culture. From thousand year old pagoda to the rising skyscappers, Yangon has something to lure photographers. 

market yangon
Street markets are very eye-catching in Yangon where British colonial architect blends perfectly with Burmese tradition. 

golden rock scene

This is the sacred Golden Rock, one of the most attractive Buddhist sites in Southern Myanmar which features the best pilgrimage destination in the country

balloon festival taunggyi
The Balloon festival is simply a very celebrating event that you should delve into if you have a chance. It showcases the wealth of Buddhism culture as well as the local fun that you may not have elsewhere. 

myitkina city

During his journey, photographer Andrea Daddi also has a chance to explore the far north which is really off beaten track. Myitkina city is such a hidden gem. 

myitkina girls portrait myitkyina

Unsurprisingly, Myitkina offers some of the best local encounters. From the market to the street, people welcome your visit with smiles. 

shwe myintzu pagoda

Indawgyi is the biggest lake in the country. It remains very charming and out of the tourist`s way. It is advised to get a guided trip to uncover the best of the area. 
                      This is the photo of Shwe Myintzu pagoda which situates in the heart of Indawyi lake. 

indawgyi stupa

Watching people praying and understanding about Buddhism is some of the most beautiful experiences in this country. 

nat ma taung view

Nat Ma Taung has something for all adventure-minded travelers. From awe-inspiring national parks to exotic markets, from the faded catholic church to extraordinary hill tribe villages, you`ll love trekking, cycling and photographing here. It is not mentioned the fact that Nat Ma Taung is home to the unique Chin ethnic minorities who have the weird tradition of tattooing their faces. 

irrawaddy sunset

The bloodline of Myanmar - the mighty Irrawaddy river winds itself from the far north via Myitkina, Mandalay, Bagan, Pyu before joining the Andaman Sea creating fascinating culture along its bank. 
The further you travel, the more untouched landscapes are. Other highlights are the ancient capitals of Mandalay, Inwa and Sagaing. 

tinsmith myanmar

Some of the traditional works that attract your camera lens are: gold leaf making, tapestry, tinsmith, blacksmith, and wood sculpture. 

bagan morning balloon ride

Bagan, the otherworldy plain is one of the best places on earth to step back into time. With over 2,500 pagodas and temples remaining from the 11th century, Bagan is recognized as Unesco Heritage site. 

aythaya vineyard

For many people, it comes as a surprise that Myanmar can produce wine but it is true. Aythaya Vineyard situates in the Taunggyi area is such a place. 

inle lake journey

If you are curious about special lake culture, make sure you put Inle Lake into your photography journey. Stilt villages, rotating markets, famous Shan noodles, exotic silk weaving factories, and picture-perfect floating gardens await your exploration.

inle lake woman rowing

The reason why photographers love Inle Lake not only comes from the fact that it has a very unique setting. Here, you`ll have a chance to meet the friendly Intha people who navigate their boat on only one leg. This is a very distinctive technique that you may not find elsewhere in Asia. 

Photographer Andrea Daddi also shares his Myanmar Adventure on Flickr at :
You can also contact him for work at [email protected]

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