15 Most beautiful Waterfalls in Southeast Asia

15 Most beautiful Waterfalls in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia has countless natural wonders. It is a spectacular regions to find tropical paradises, sandy beaches,dense national parks and amazing waterfalls. 
These 15 waterfalls are diverse from one country to another. Some are roaring, some are gentle, others are loud and gushing but you`ll love them all once standing at their pools

erawan fall

Erawan Falls, Thailand 

This Seven layer waterfall is defined uniquely by its unruffled pools that are comprised of turquoise waters and circled by a tranquil atmosphere. It’s nestled in Erawan National Park – Tenasserim hills in Kanchanaburi Province. Travelers rate it as one of the most fascinating waterfalls in Thailand and a sound getaway to flee the bustling cities like Bangkok.

mae ya fall thailand

Mae Ya Waterfall (Namtok Mae Ya), Thailand

Featured on Thailand’s top waterfalls, it is understandable that it is also listed in top Southeast Asia falls. Mae Ya Waterfall is not only the largest but also the most gorgeous in all of Thailand. Its waters plunge down 30 tiers of rocks from a height of 260 meters. Additionally, this fall is highly-crowded by travelers who fancy picnicking as well as reclining in an amicable locality with soothing sounds of nature.

wachirathan fall

Wachirathan Waterfall, Thailand

Wachirathan is part of the three Waterfalls that boast Doi Inthanon Thailand National Park’s significant draws. Its waters drop at the height of 80 meters with lots of sprays that form rain like mist. This fall is the best layover for adventurers heading to the top of Doi Inthanon crown, Thailand’s highest peak. It’s easily accessed via a narrow and steep path through lush vegetation along with scenic views of the Himalayan Mountain range.

Dark Horse Fall, Myanmar

Lashio is one of the least-visited destinations in north Myanmar. This is home to 3 cascading falls : Marvic, Hidden Tiger and Dark Horse. Each fall has its own identity. The Dark Horse fall is a popular spot for adventure seekers which allows them to jump from any cliff ranging from 2 to 15 meters. Myanmar Adventure 

haipa waterfall

Haipa Waterfall, Myanmar

This amazing fall is out of tourist map. Haipa hides itself in the picturesque Shan State which has abundance of forest, rice paddies and verdant plantation. Haipa is best accessed by car but also closed for a month during moonson season.
To marvel the beauty of this fall, it is advisory to take a boat. 

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kuang sii

Kuang Si Falls, Laos

Listed in the most beautiful waterfalls in Laos, Kuang Si Falls is a three-tiered waterfall hidden amid the Jungle in the south of Luang Prabang. It’s a favorite spot for visitors to Luang Prabang. Hike up to the top of the falls for breathtaking views, as it cascades down forming pellucid pools. The pools are encompassed by lush Jungles. Hence if you don’t fancy, a swim you can relax in the shade as you gaze at others having fun.

khon pha pheng
Photo: Phoonsab Thevongsa

Khon Phapheng Falls, Laos

Dubbed the Niagara Falls of Asia, Kuang Phapheng Falls is the biggest in South-east Asia. It’s located in the 4000 Islands - South of Laos along the Mekong River. The Falls’ whitewaters gushes at the height of 70 feet. You can optimally behold it, after a 15 minute walk up to its extreme point of view.

ban gioc waterfall
Photo: Andrea Pepoli

Ban Gioc Waterfall - Cao Bang, Vietnam

Nested in the far north of Vietnam, Ban Gioc waterfall is known as the most magnificent falls in the country. It is also the border line between Vietnam and China. Visitors can access the fall from both 2 countries accordingly. 
Bac Gioc is part of Quay Son river. It has 3 layers and reaches the height of 60m. 
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pongour fall

Pongour Waterfall, Da lat, Vietnam

Da Lat is one of the most enticing destination to soak up Vietnam nature and there are more than 10 waterfalls in this province. Amongst the most beautiful waterfalls in Da Lat, Pongour is simply the most photogenic. Poungour`s water plunges from a mountain to its pool for about 100 meters. 

dray nur
Photo: Peter Nguyen

Dray Nur Waterfall, Vietnam

Dray Nur is not so visible on the tourism radar of Vietnam but it is very alluring for those who seek for a beautiful slice of nature. For 250 meters length, 30 meters in height and expanding the waterways about 150 meters width, the waterfall is eye catching from any angles. 
The most attractive character of the fall is it boasts 3,000 meters square caves right behind the fall. 

kawasan waterfall

Kawasan Waterfalls, Philippines

If you are still hesitating about Philippines’ ever alluring natural sceneries, then Kawasan should be your first stopover. This picturesque waterfall, with its emerald waters, is one of the most impressive attractions in the Philippines. It lies on Cebu Island, surrounded by a pleasing setting everyone would wish to take a photo.The hike to the top starts from Maturinao church via trails that are bounded by nature.

Jembong Waterfall, Bali

Starting your day of adventure with a visit to Ambengan village, you find “Jembong Waterfalls”, one of Bali’s off the beaten track spots. Its remote location turns it a pleasant scenery to explore just free of crowds. The fall is girded by cocoa plantations and evergreen vegetation. This photogenic environment is ideal for imposing photo shoots.

sekumpul waterfalls

Sekumpul Waterfalls, Bali

What a natural scenery to marvel, "Sekumpul, a cluster of seven narrow cataracts is one of the most spectacular natural wonders in Bali". It’s positioned close to Sekumpul village its namesake in the Singaraja region. On a day visit, you can repose in the nearby built gazebos while taking in bird’s eye views of this 80m tall thundering Fall. 

Kelantan, Malaysia

Kelatan is located in one of the 5 most famous ecotourism sites in Malaysia. Stretching for 160 meters height, Kelatan is listed amongst the tallest waterfalls in Southeast Asia. The site is worth a day trek, especially for cave explorers and nature enthusiasts. Some of the famous nearby caves are : Gua Ikan, Gua Pagar. 

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