Kaw Thaung Border Crossing Guide

Kaw Thaung Border Crossing Guide

Most tourists use a charter boat from the docks at Ranong. Many travelers in Thailand do this to prolong their visa-free stays in Thailand. Contact a travel agent in Ranong and you’ll get a seat in a boat for 400 baht. This does not include visa fees but does include transport to the dock in Kawthaung. The fair must be paid in unspoiled and spotless Thai baht or USD; even the slightest stain or tear in the currency note will be rejected. No change will be given at the immigration office so it would be wise to arrange your pristine currency notes and bring appropriate change.

kaw thaung town
Photographer: Iwao Tateiwa

Make sure you receive on your passport an entry stamp from the immigration office near the main pier when you’re crossing the border from Thailand to Kawthaung. If you plan to go further in the country of Myanmar, a Myanmar visa is a necessary which can be obtained from the Myanmar Embassy in Bangkok.

The most fetching voyage into Myanmar is the Kawthaung border crossing voyage. Get into a long-tail boat and start sailing; this will be approximately a 25-minute journey to Kawthaung. After getting dropped off, a KBZ Bank in Kawthaung can be found which has the availability of an ATM as well as money exchange. Nevertheless, baht is also accepted in this part of the country but prices are relatively high if things are bought with baht. Beware! Thai immigrant office closes off at 6pm sharp and also remember the fact that you leap forward 30 minutes forward if you cross the border from Kawthaung to Ranong.

Keep in mind not to tell the personnel that you’re making only a one way trip to Kawthaung, and do not do that especially if you bought a seat in a long-tail boat. They will most certainly drop off hundreds of meters far from the main tier where the immigration office is located. You will most probably get lost somewhere in the city because only a few signs are English as if the place was meant to disguise itself from tourists.
As an alternative, you can also go to the Ranong airport and travel to Kawthaung but this will require proper documentation and visa problems will surely put your tour to a halt. But if you do have all the documents, airway is the best way!

The Kawthaung border can also be crossed by the road from Myeik, Thailand but they are extremely slow. This can be a real kicker if you’re not good at traveling long journeys. You might end up having nausea or even feel sick on the long road to Kawthaung. But this can be an adventurous journey too if you’re that kind of tourist. Venture along the roads and maybe even have a few stops after crossing the border for some memorable pictures of The Kawthaung Border Crossing. It is even possible to have an enjoyable walk across the border; just keep your documents with you and have your driver pick you up when needed.

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