Kid Friendly Activities in China

Kid Friendly Activities in China

A big part of any family holiday to China is to organize the activities for your children. Since China is one of the most kid-friendly countries in Asia, it is not difficult to find something to make your children occupied. 
Here are just some of the most fun-packed experiences you should consider when planning your kid's days in China :
shadow puppet
                                                                                                                       Photo: Achim

Shadow Puppetry and Paper Cutting in Xi'an

This is an interesting way to keep the kids engaged on a China tour. Shadow puppetry dates back to the Tang and Song dynasties and is known to be more than 2000 years old. These shadow puppets are made of either paper sculpture or from leather. And for any kid, creating innovative shapes out of paper cutting can be a truly engaging activity. Paper cutting is one of the most popular decorative Chinese handicrafts and is easy to learn. Children can learn to create cool Chinese designs with a piece of paper and a pair of scissors.

great wall

Explore the Great Wall and Toboggan Down

The Great Wall of China is a must-visit on a China trip. Families can hike the gentler sections of this World Heritage site near Beijing, such as Mutianyu, which is fully restored and less crowded. This particular section is child friendly and mostly recommended for family tours with kids. There is a cable way to save energy on hiking up and down, which the kids will definitely enjoy. Taking the toboggan down the mountain from the Wall is something that enthuses children. Parents are allowed to ride down in the toboggan with their child, if the child is small. 

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china panda                                                                                                                 Photo: Jose Henandez

Meet the Pandas 

No kids’ activity list is complete without the Chinese Giant Panda. Adored by all, the panda has a special place in the heart of Chinese people and visitors alike. And kids will love to spend some time with the cutest animal of the world. The best places to see these lovely animals are the three panda bases around Chengdu, the "hometown of giant pandas". One can also see this cute animal in Beijing zoo. Children cuddling the super cute animal can be the best photograph that can be cherished even decades after China tour.

hutong rickshaw                                                                                                 Photo : Jorges Ramos

Rickshaw Rides in Hutongs

For kids, a rickshaw ride along the Hutongs can be a real fun activity. These old fashioned, bicycle propelled carriages traditionally navigates through the winding Hutongs, providing a glimpse of local life and remain a scenic way to get around in many Chinese cities. These pedal rickshaws are easily found around major historic sites around the country, and can be rented for a fun filled ride. 

bamboo raft
                                                                                                     Photo: Bruce A Everette

Ride Bamboo Raft in Yangshuo

Yangshuo’s amazing toothy peaks are exetremely photogenic. There are many ways to appreciate its beauty. While cycling with kids in the karst countryside is full of enjoyment, the rafting journey gives your child a very exotic feeling. 
There is nothing more interesting than sailing through Li River's waterways, capturing the picturesque landscapes of Guilin on such slow movement. 
Another advantage of this adventure is your kid has opportunities to learn about the unique fishing tradition from local fishermen. 

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beijing photo

Seek Thrills in Water Cube

Water parks are where kids can enjoy the fullest on their vacation. The 2008 Beijing Olympics venue for swimming, diving and water polo is transformed into a large water amusement park and opened to public in 2010. Since it’s indoors, kids can visit and have fun all the year round. Children can enjoy the tame wave pool and kiddie pool with multiple slides that are safe for the whole family, while adolescents and adults can explore the AquaLoop.

chinese sweeties

Explore the Snack Streets and taste all creepy foods

This could be very interesting to the kids. A visit to a snack street to see all kinds of creepy crawlies being served on a stick is a whole new experience on a Chinese expedition. Kids will have fun daring each other to try the scorpions, spiders and other exotic menu items. Some other lip smacking foods can also draw the kids towards trying them.

ice festival                                                                                              Photo: Angular Momentum

Attend Harbin Ice and Snow Festival

A visit to this famous festival with kids could be of great fun. It could turn out to be a fascinating winter adventure for the entire family. Held every year since 1963, it involves ice sculptures and other winter activities. The festival has a series of shows at theme parks and ice activities on the Songhua River, which could be really exciting and thrilling to the children.

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