Myanmar most beautiful Waterfalls

Myanmar most beautiful Waterfalls

Waterfalls are indeed spectacular wonders of nature and Myanmar has some eye-catching collection of waterfalls in its vicinity. If you’re a devotee of nature and looking for some scenes of nature full of tranquility and composure, you must travel to these 5 waterfalls of Myanmar.
anisakan waterfall

Dattawgyaik/Anisakan Falls

Halfway between Mandalay and Pyin Oo Lwin, there is a place called Ani Sakhan. The Dattawgyaik Falls are sited in that place (for this reason also known and Anisakan Falls). This grandiose waterfall makes its descent from a 122-meters high overhang. The depth of the waterfall is 90 meters approx. You need to hike a steep trail to the waterfall. It is a 90-minute hike to the top and it takes almost half that time to hike down to the bottom.
The unruffled breadth of green mountains gives a soothing experience while hiking to the waterfall. The Dattawgyaik Waterfall has three levels. At the bottom, the interpretation of the viewer’s eye is a majestic tributary falling from the skies into the splashing while fumes; the feeling makes one feel overwhelmed. As you go up, the view gets more intense and at the top, the one cannot take the eyes off from the undying view of the water continuously falling down into the white abyss. The sound of the water crashing gives a prodigious feel to the listener and the cool droplets of water sprinkle far and wide.

maliwan waterfall

Maliwan Waterfall

The most peddled fascination of Kawthaung is the Maliwan Waterfall; except in the dry season, it’s a pretty appealing spot worth paying a visit. “Maliwan” is Thai for “jasmine”. Situated 40 kilometers to the North of the town, the journey to Maliwan Falls is a pleasant one since the roads are good. Then it’s just a few kilometers from the highway. Though it is a bit of a drag to reach the waterfall, Palautonetone could be used as a lovely stop on your way here.
The stream of water makes a succession of drop with a pool. A recreational water park has been created near the entrance of the waterfall. Particularly at the weekend, the local come here excitedly and abundantly to have a fun time in the pool and the slides. But the pool area is restricted to one place only.
It would cost you 20,000 to 30,000 kyats to hire a taxi or a “tuk-tuk” for a two-way trip. You can even make stops in between and the trip is usually of at least a half day.

Pwe Kauk Falls
Photographer: Oleg Nabrovenkov​

Pwe Kauk Falls

Also known as Hampshire Falls from the British times, this is just a current of small levees instead of an intense cascade. Nonetheless, the forest around it makes quite an eye-catching glade scenery. It has several wooden bridges and play areas for children which lures the local families into its grasp but it emasculates the factual meaning of natural tranquility.
On the Hsipaw road, North of Aung Htu Kan Tha Paya, a drive of 2 minutes down a steep, easily missed off-road path would lead you right into the Pwe Kauk Falls. This place is a decent spot for a picnic with a family. 

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