30 Thailand Dishes You Should Try

30 Thailand Dishes You Should Try

Thai cuisine has been gaining the spotlight in the foodie map. From mouthwatering Tom Gum soup to the signature dish of Kao Moo Dang, there are so many dishes you should try to uncover the secret of Thai foods. 
During your travel in Thailand, make sure you taste at least these tasty dishes
pad thai

Pad Thai

One of the most famous Thailand dishes, Pad Thai can be found in almost every street of Thailand. The main ingridient is the rice crepe. There are herbs, fresh vegetables, peanuts. Depends on the flavour, Pad Thai can marriage easily with both meat or seafood. 
The dish is really tasty when you add some lemon juice. 

tom yum

Tom Yum Gung

Appearing in almost every single restaurant in Thailand, Tom Yum Gung is a spicy, delicious soup. 
It has a blend of mushrooms, tomatoes, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves and shrimp, sounds right up your alley, Tom Yum Gung is good for you. This authentic Thai dish treats foodies with numerous Thai tastes (sour, salty, sweet and spicy). To reduce the sour taste, you can order it with coconut milk and cream.

Gang Som Pak Ruam

This ultra-vibrant soup comes well packed with vegetables such as cabbages, green beans and carrots. It is often served with Thai acacia leaf (cha om) and a deep-fried omelette made from eggs.

Gang Keow Wan

Gang Keow Wan, Thai green curry, is one of the most luscious dishes in the country. It includes bamboo shoot, chicken, Thai eggplant, coconut milk and the green curry paste. You can order it with a plate of rice.

panang gai

Panang Gai

Amongst the best Thailand Dishes you should try, Panang Gai is unique. During its preparation, usually, red curry paste is fried with chicken and soused with coconut cream. It is more piquant when served with precisely chopped kaffir lime leaves.

Gang Massaman

Massaman is more common in the southern part of Thailand and mostly known as a Halal dish. The dish is made up of coconut milk, peanuts, curry paste and cinnamon. Within this mix, you can include chicken and chunks of potatoes. It’s a favorite to most epicures.

Gai Pad Pongali

Numerous ingredients such as onions, tomatoes, chicken and peppers are mixed with Thai yellow curry paste. To thicken the mixture, an egg is cracked into the dish. You can add parsley for it to be more flavorful.

gang jued

Photo: Manao Street Eats

Gang Jued

Made from fresh ingredients, Gang Jued includes a combination of cabbages, carrots, tofu, glass noodles and onions filled with the vegetable soup and fresh parsley. It is a top choice to most locals and foreigners on Thai food adventures.

jim jum

Jim Jum

One of the best ways to enjoy dinner with your friends in Thailand is to join a small clay pot filled with a superb porky aromatic broth. Usually, cabbages, meats, glass noodles, raw morning glory and beat eggs thrown into the pot, boil slowly to form a hearty soup famously known as Jim Jum.

Kao Na Phet

Other than Chicken, you can enjoy roasted duck, it’s greasy and flavorsome. Kao Na Phet usually includes a plate of rice and a selection of duck parts that are sprinkled with duck stock. Foodies are often delighted by the vivacious duck soup.

Kai Jiew Moo Saap

Not only delectable, but also one of Thailand’s easily cooked foods. Minced pork, fish and soy sauce are muddled with eggs and deep-fried into an omelette you can savor with a bowl of rice. Most foodies accompany it with a spurt of chilli sauce.

Kao Niew Moo Yang

Delicious and easily cooked, Kao Niew Moo Yang is almost in every Bangkok’s food outlet. It is often sticky rice and grilled pork skewers packed in little bags. You can stop-by a food stall in the city and enjoy it when it’s still fresh.

Moo Dad Diew

For Moo Dad Diew, fried pork pieces are immersed in soy sauce and deep-fried to make it more edible. You can feast it with sticky rice and chilli sauce with green onions.

Yam Khor Moo Yang

When it comes to listing Thai’s top yummy dishes, Yam Khor Moo Yang is amongst them. It’s a meat salad and consists of sliced pork cutlets that are mixed with parsley, sweet onions, fiery chilies and lemon juice. You can eat it with sticky rice.

gai yang
Photo: Arcibald

Gai Yang

While on a street walk in Bangkok, it is very rare to wander for a few kilometers without smelling Gai Yang pleasant fragrance. Grilled chicken complimented with sticky rice and tangy som tam enchants most food enthusiasts. Though you can find it on mobile stands attached to bikes, it’s more extraordinary when you relish it in Isaan restaurants.
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Kao Mok Gai

Flavored with turmeric, bay leaves, cardamom and saffron, Kao Mok Gai is a Muslim dish that includes rice prepared with chicken stock. When ready, you can sprinkle it with cilantro, spicy sauce, cucumber pickle and fried onions.

Kao Moo Dang

Kao Moo Dang adds to the list of Thai’s top favorite dishes. It is mainly a plate of rice filled with pieces of Thai sausage, hard-boiled eggs and barbecued carved pork. It is further splashed with gravy, green onions and cilantro.

kao man gai

Kao Man Gai

To make Kao Man Gai, rice made from the oily chicken stock is combined with pieces of boiled chicken and accompanied with the garlic chilli vinaigrette. Numerous eateries serve it with light chicken soup.

Nam Tok Moo

Its name means waterfall and was as a result of blood flow from crumbled meat. Usually, varied portions of green onions, chilli, mint sprigs, fish sauce, toasted rice and lemon juice are mingled with grilled juicy pork.

Larb Moo
Photo: Geoffrey Smith

Larb Moo

Larb Moo is a notable Isaan dish. You can bring out a good result of it by mixing lime juice, mint leaves, onions, chilies, rice crunches and fish sauce with decayed pork and liver. The mixture is always a good liquid for sticky rice dipping.

Pad Ga Pow Moo Kai Dow

This is more common to locals though it’s worth to taste for any culinary adventurer. It is ever delicious and satisfying. During the preparations, chicken and diced meat are stirred in oil with chilies, green beans, vibrant basil for flavors and garlic. It’s more rewarding when you savor it with rice and fried eggs.

Gai Pad Met Ma Muang

Widely served with rice, Gai Pad Met Ma Muang embodies chicken scorched with dried chilies, crunchy cashew nuts and onions. On a bowl of rice with pieces of chicken, you can add on fish sauce, sugar and oyster sauce.

Gang Som Plah Chon

The deep-fried snakehead fish laced with different flavors and spicy soup is truly a reason why most food lovers taste this dish. It is usually served with vegetables and multiple herbs on a fish-shaped metal pan.

Plah Plow

Plah Plow is one of the dishes that are best preferred with rice and som tam. This fish is first stuffed with lemongrass and lime leaves before it is rolled in a thick coat of salt and grilled. You can make it with tilapia, snappers or snakehead fish. The result is definitely mouth-watering.

Yam Plah Duk Foo

Few have got the chance to relish Yam Plah Duk Foo. If you are not among them, try it while in Thailand. It is finger-licking good. When preparing it, you can add sweet sugar, harsh red onions, earthy cilantro, shrimp, peanut sauce, tart lime and the outcome is hard to compare.

Som Tam

It’s undeniable; Som Tam is the most famed salad in Thailand. After pounding Garlic and chilies to form Krok, you can toss it with a range of ingredients such as tomatoes, lime juice, sugar cane paste, string beans, green papaya, fish sauce, peanuts and Tamarind juice. You can embrace the flavored mixture with rice.

Kanom Jeen

Kanom Jeen

These noodles are made from fermented rice. There are usually thin and very soft. You can add some curries such as red curry fish balls, green curry chicken, sweet chilli paste and top it with cabbages or cucumbers to make it more toothsome.

Gai Pad King

If you are after a dish with ginger flavors, Gai Pad King is perfect for you. The blend often includes mushrooms, onions, oyster sauce, boneless chicken and ginger, all fried together. You can find it in most Thai restaurants within the cities like Bangkok.

Pad Pak Bung Nam Man Hoy

To all vegetarians, Pad Pak Bung Nam Man Hoy is a must-try while on Thai food tours. It is made out of Morning glory, a hollow vegetable stir-fried with chilies, oyster sauce and garlic.

Nam Prik Kaphi

A combination of small fish, rice, fermented shrimp paste, chilli sauce and poached vegetables results into a tasty dish with elegant flavors, and this is what we call Nam Prik Kaphi. Different outlets in cities offer it with string beans, small salted fish and eggplants.

Pad See Eiu

Pad See Eiu is high on the lunchtime menu in Thailand’s top cities. Don’t miss a taste of rice noodles that are fried with Chinese broccoli, pork, dark soy sauce and garlic. You can stiffen the texture of the dish by adding in an egg. Most epicures relish it with chilli flakes and vinegar.
Thailand is one of the most well-recognized Asia Foodie Destinations, especially for streetfood. The evidence is the first Michellin star street food restaurant had been rewarded in Bangkok !
The country is very attractive too. If you are still hesitating about planning a holiday to Thailand, check our Photos that draw you to Thailand !

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