10 Enticing Vietnam Travel Destinations

10 Enticing Vietnam Travel Destinations

From rugged mountain to long coastal line, Vietnam is one of the most seducing countries in Southeast Asia. The country is diverse for both nature and culture. Undoubtedly, find the idea of where you should visit is not easy though there are many travel guides. This short list of top 10 enticing Vietnam Destinations is just the most remarkable places you should immerse in:
halong sunset

Halong Bay

It is said that your trip to Vietnam is incomplete without seeing Halong Bay. This stunning area is home to some 1,600 islands poke out of the emerald water of Tonkin Gulf. It boasts magnificent seascapes. 
There are many ways to appreciate the spectacular of Halong Bay but the most common way is to book an overnight cruise which is filled with many exciting activities like kayaking, fishing. For a more authentic experience, choose a sail to Lan Ha Bay.

hanoi market


The capital of Vietnam is a vibrant city, exposing the contrast of thriving modern character and the rich ancient tradition. It is a perfect place to explore Vietnamese cuisine with famous dishes like Pho, Nem. 
For 3 days trip, Hanoi isn't lack of heritages to make you occupied : quaint Old Quarter, French colonial architects, exotic Dong Xuan market as well lush surroundings. 

sapa landscape sapa people


For those who look for a typical mountain scenery of Vietnam, Sapa is a good place to start. From cascading rice terraces to unique tribal villages, this area offers breathtaking trekking routes that you should take.
To soak up the authenticity of Sapa, it is advisable to travel further than its touristic town. Spending a night in Topas Ecolodge or visiting the less-known market of Lung Khau Nhin can be one of the most rewarding experience you will have in Vietnam.

ha giang landscape                                                                                                                                      Photographer : Hoa Nguyen Duc

Ha Giang

Known as one of the most photogenic destinations in Vietnam, Ha Giang is a new hotspot for adventure seekers who want to scan the road that is less-travelled. While motorcycler feel attracted by the wild, unpaved road, cultural enthusiasts have chances to access weekly tribal markets which is full of Flower Hmong, Tay, Lolo people. 
The most recommended trip to Ha Giang is to embark on a ride from 

hue vietnam                                                                                                                                          Photo: Basti


Located in the heart of Vietnam, Hue shows a slow pace of life by the famous Huong river. Things you can see in Hue include Unesco Heritage site of Forbidden Purple Citadel - former Royal Palace, Thien Mu pagoda, numerous imperial relics.
If you fancy a beach escape, Hue has a long sandy beach with world class resort in Lang Co. 

hoi an
                                                                                                                                  ​Photo: Samuel Bau

Hoi An

Amongst the top Vietnam Travel destinations, Hoi An is a must-see. The town itself impress the travelers by its fabulous mixture of Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese culture through numerous ancient houses, temples and traditional workshops. 
Once in Hoi An, you will be quickly charmed by the intimate atmosphere where your travel allows you to travel back to the past. It is especially photogenic at night when all the lanterns are lit. 
There are wide range of activities to soak up in Hoi An from beach relaxation to Cham island excursion or active adventure on a basket boat. 


Da Lat

Tucked in the highland in central Vietnam, Dalat enjoys cool mountain air. Amongst all the French colonial towns remaining in Vietnam, Dalat has outstanding heritages with numerous villas, maisons and remarkable train station. The main draw of this area comes from its cascading waterfall, postcard landscapes with misty mountains. 
If you want to escape for sort of European like feeling in such tropical country or simply want to enjoy some amazing motorcycle ride, make your way to Dalat !

nha trang

Nha Trang 

Nha Trang has temple, museum and beaches. It is a fascinating coastal city which can make your days occupied by different activities. There are handful of luxury, beach front resorts for your relaxation. Seafood selection seems endless while the nightlife is rated as one of the best places to hang out too. 
A very good advantage of Nha Trang is it is really valuable for money ! 

sai gon

Ho Chi Minh City

The hub of southern Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh is a vibrant city. It is a rendezvous of East and West, Old and New. Once you are in the city, it is easy to capture the contrast of modern life with the rich tradition reflecting through daily life. 
Things to do in Ho Chi Minh seems endless but our travel expert really recommend you to take a foodie tour, an excursion to Cu Chi to uncover the secret of Vietnam war and if you have more time, head south for a taste of Mekong Delta. 

phu quoc island

Phu Quoc Island

If your core interest for a holiday to Vietnam is for beach hopping then there is no better place to enjoy than Phu Quoc island. Though it is called "island", you have more than just 10 islands to adventure to. It is needless to mention that Phu Quoc houses many sandy beaches, decorated by palm line. 
Whether you are seeking for a secret paradise or a destination combining nature and beach, Phu Quoc has something to enchant you. 

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