Best Places to Travel in 2023

Best Places to Travel in 2023

Our 20 places to travel in 2023 is inspired by travel experts and professional bloggers. These characterful destinations are a mix of world-class sites that we can revisit with new experiences or extraordinary places where nature awaits. 

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Venice, Italy

Venice is arguably one of the best places in Europe to celebrate the romance. From its unique setting to the amazing architect, photogenic canals and cultured squares, it is simply a great place to spend your holiday in 2023. For those who fancy arts, make sure you`ll visit Venice Biennale. The Carnevale Festival which turns the city into the festive atmosphere in February is another reason that you should explore the town.


Perched on the top of the Pyrenees range, Andorra is an attractive destination for outdoor sports, especially skiing. In 2023, the ski line is added with 123 lifts across 215 runs. The country is very budget friendly. For skiing, the day pass starts at $50 while the Nord Pass costs only $40. For a thrilling trek in Summer, there are many trails that you can opt too.

Naxos Island Greece

If you are after the European island then Naxos is a place not to be missed. This is the biggest island off shore Athen, offering varied experiences and incredible beaches. Along its 430km, Naxos treasures enchanting old towns where the traditional houses in white and blue tempts every photographer. The highlights of Naxos include: Chora town, Demeter temple, monastery of Fotodotis, marble village of Apriranthos.

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Cairo and the Nile

The capital of Egypt is back to its tourism campaign with the opening of the Grand Egyptian Museum after a decade of construction. Beautiful outdoor garden plus the exhibition space as large as 1 million square feet exposing precious ancient Egyptian relics. There are also more things to soak up in Cairo than just its timeless pyramids. Regarding the luxury accommodation, luxury hotels like Madarin Oriental or Four Seasons are the newest arrival for this year.

Bordeaux, France

No doubt, everyone think about Bordeaux as a kingdom of wine but it does not only that to offer. While the city is stuffed with amazing French architect like Palace de la Bourse, Porte Cailhau or Esplanade des Quinconces, Bordeaux`s surrounding is also very beguiling. A short train ride can take you to Arcachon - where beach and sand dune meets. Sarlat-la-caneda is another town that can let you travel back to the past in the medival time. For a green escape, Medoc national park and its walking trails have something to lure you. But yes, if you go to Bordeaux, take a wine tasting tour either to the winery or a " chateau", it is all deserved.


Bhutan is a gorgeous destination. This small country which sets between China and India make their tourism image totally different from others in Asia. It is probably the only place on earth that valuate the " happy life " not by money and where the nature is totally respected. The country follow the policy of green and clean. 
In Bhutan, you`ll rewarded with picture-perfect sceneries where Buddhist monastery blended into the sacred mountains and awe-inspiring nature. 

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