Mogok Tours

Mogok Tours

Mogok story started when the merchant Ludovico de Varthema purchased 200 rubies after seeing the sparkling light under the moon. The valley of Mogok remains one of the biggest gems mining areas in the world. However, this land has more than that to entice visitors. 
Mogok tours are designed to show you not only the unique gems fairs but also the ethnic diversity of Mogok. 
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Mogok Tour 4 days

Start and finish: Mandalay
This tour offers an in-depth exploration of Mogok including the gems industry. You`ll enjoy a car journey from the holy land of Mandalay to the less-visited side of Shan State. Our tour guide will show you how local business develops in the famous Gems market then you`ll have time to see real ruby mine. 
For the 3rd day of this Mogok Tour, we also learn about the life of Lisu hill tribe in Pyaung Gaung and Pan Lyin villages. On the way back to Mandalay, there is also a very nice stop to admire Pyin Oo Lwin, one of the most beautiful hill stations remaining from the British era in Myanmar. 

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Mogok Trekking Tour 3 days

Start and finish: Mandalay
A very different adventure into the land of Mogok. This trek allows you to soak up many unknown sites like King Chaung Waterfall, Macadamia plantation. It could be a very ideal option to experience the local life with a homestay in Baw Da Ban village. 
During your tour, you will not miss the gem market, Mogok Lake or the stunning sunset view from Kyaut Pyat Tat pagoda. 

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North Myanmar Journey 

Start and finish : Mandalay
For those who are curious about the cultural and natural wealth of Myanmar, the North Myanmar Journey will impress you very much. Embarking on this adventure, you`ll uncover the ancient royal capital of Burma Kingdom, seeing the highlights of Mogok Ruby lands, capturing the green city of Pyin Oo Lwin, treat yourself an incredible time by the thousands of pagoda in Bagan and certainly unwind by the legendary river of Irrawady. 

Tour details: North Myanmar Tour  

Things to do in Mogok

Apart from gems and ruby mines, Mogok houses some of the most beautiful waterfalls in Myanmar which is really less known. King Choung Waterfall is a very nice attraction to delve into. 
Local people believe Sayadaw meditation cave is very sacred. If you are not after the Buddhist pilgrimage, the site offers a good meditation course.


How to get to Mogok

A private car with a driver is probably the best way to reach Mogok. From Mandalay, it takes about 7 hours driving while from Pyin Oo Lwin, it is about 4 hours. 

Travel to Mogok Update 2023

Foreigners are not allowed to visit Mogok at the moment. For any trip to Mogok, please contact us for further information.

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