Top tips for Flight Upgrade

Top tips for Flight Upgrade

Whether it is a domestic or international flight, having a flight upgrade will make your travel more comfortable. There are many ways to get free upgrade and here are some of them


Join a frequent flier program

The best advice is to join a program that links many airlines. Skyteam member for example offers benefits on many airlines including Air France, Vietnam Airlines, etc. The higher status you have in your flyer program; the more chance you have to be upgraded. When it comes to the situation of being overbooked in the economic class and there are some seats available in the upper class, frequent flyers are likely to have those seats.

Check the sales

Depending on the promotion campaign, you`ll find some “ happy purchases” with an upgrade option for your air ticket. What you need to do is to keep an eye on the airline`s official website. Upgrade as compensation You may not like this option but if there occurs an inconvenience when you do the check-in at the airport, have a luggage problem or seat broken. For all the problems related to your flight, you can ask for an upgrade as compensation. A polite request could always help.

Overbooked – Next Flight Option

Certainly, this option is only good when you have time and you like comfort. When the flight is oversold, very often the airline will ask the people to move to the next flight if possible. In this case, you may have a free upgrade as a consequence.

Splash Out One Way

This strategy does not always work but is worth trying. Grab a deal with a one-way economic ticket and the return way with a business one. You will be amongst the people who will be considered to be upgraded if there are seats available.

Easy eating – More chances

Many flight attendants say they prefer to upgrade the people who are not sensitive to their in-flight menu. It is obvious that serving their menu is fast and more cost-effective then preparing a special diet meal.

Special Occasions, Special Circumstances

Being the service providers, airline companies and their teams are pleased to make their customers happy on their special occasions like birthdays, and anniversaries. A common action that many crew members apply in this case is to offer you a better seat and better care – as an upgrade. Having a connection will work If you know people who work for the airline, you are likely to have more chances to have an upgrade!

Dress well, behave well

It is very understandable that we tend to treat well people we want to treat. Those who are not difficult, look smart, dress casually, and act politely will have priority. Airline staff may take comments on their passengers to make sure their flights go smoothly and there is no safety problem.

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