Myanmar 11 day itinerary

Myanmar 11 day itinerary

Myanmar is one of the few destinations in Asia that offers a sense of authenticity. The country`s uniqueness is reflected in its timeless pagodas, untouched Unesco Heritage sites, lush national parks, and sealed regional cultures. Spending 11 days in Myanmar is just an ideal timeframe to explore all its cultural and natural highlights.
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Is 11 days long enough for a trip to Myanmar? 

The best time frame for a Myanmar visit is from 7 to 14 days. If you have 11 days to explore Myanmar then you are in a good situation. 
You`ll have enough time to soak up not only the iconic Myanmar Tourist attractions but also experience something extraordinary more than its surface. 

Things to do in Myanmar for 11 days

When it comes to the idea of what to see in Myanmar, you`ll be amazed by the number of experiences you could opt for. From beach hopping to balloon flight over thousands of temples, from incredible photography trips to unlike river cruises, we have gathered here the short list of Myanmar Travel Bucket list: 

Find your private beach in the Mergui Archipelago

Referred to as the final tropical haven in Asia, the Mergui Archipelago beckons with its stunning islands, sun-soaked beaches, and captivating marine ecosystems. Embarking on a journey across the Mergui Archipelago may come with a cost, but the experience is undeniably worthwhile.
With approximately 800 islands, pristine white sand beaches are abundant throughout the region. Whether you seek a tranquil beach for relaxation, an exceptional diving spot, or a secluded shoreline boasting breathtaking sea views, Mergui offers something for every preference. 

Capture the temples of Bagan

Set on the picturesque Irrawaddy River, Bagan stands as a testament to the country's rich cultural heritage. Hosting thousands of temples dating back to the 11th to 13th centuries, each structure holds significant artistic and architectural value. To truly capture the splendor of Bagan's temples, a hot air balloon ride at sunrise is a sensational choice. 
Apart from the temples, Bagan also is home to many traditional workshops like lacquerware, and sand painting that are worth seeing. 
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See Mandalay`s Royal Heritages

In the list of best things to do in Myanmar for 11 days, Mandalay should not be missed. This city is not only the economic hub for the northern area but also full of cultural heritages. Once the capital of Burma Kingdom, Mandalay has numerous relics that define the charm of Myanmar: the Royal Palace, the World`s largest book, World`s longest teakwood bridge. 
That is not all. 4 ancient capitals showcase the richness of Myanmar's history, they are very accessible for a day trip.

Explore Hpa An Caves and Buddha Valley

Lying in a serene part of Southern Myanmar, Hpa An houses many picturesque travel sites. One of the most remarkable attractions is Kaw Goon which is home to more than 1,000 Buddha statues, these mystical caves stand as one of the country's premier attractions.
Hpa An has a large number of awe-inspiring caves that attract adventurers worldwide. There are many places to go off the tourist track in the area too.

See Goteik Viaduct

The big Gokteik Viaduct near Pyin Oo Lwin was finished in 1900 and used to be the biggest railway bridge in the world. It's about 800 meters long and over 100 meters high, going over the Gokteik Gorge.
Pyin Oo Lwin nearby has many lovely old buildings from colonial times, streets with lots of trees, and peaceful settlements along the roads. To enjoy the town's old-fashioned charm, the best way is to explore it on a traditional horse-drawn carriage.

Face-to-face with Inle Fishermen

Stretching for 35 kilometers, Inle Lake resembles an elongated teardrop of blue nestled in the central highlands. Surrounding the lake are villages inhabited by hill tribes, with the Intha people residing in stilted villages extending over the water. These communities buzz with activity, showcasing silversmiths and blacksmiths crafting metal, along with silk and cotton weavers operating looms in workshops beneath their homes. The diverse population contributes to vibrant markets, with the floating market being a notable highlight that shifts around the lake on a five-day rotation.
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Get to Know Mawlamyine

Mawlamyine is a coastal town in Myanmar with lots of monasteries, making it a significant spiritual place. The Yele Paya Buddhist Temple offers an amazing view of the ocean. The Kyaikthanlan Pagoda, built in 875 AD, is a famous landmark, and it's where Rudyard Kipling wrote his well-known poem 'The Road to Mandalay.'

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Beach vacation in Ngapali Beach

Ngapali is often mentioned as one of the most beautiful Myanmar beaches with fine, white sand beaches and beautiful, styled resorts. Things you can immerse around Ngapali include seeing local pagodas, having fun at Thandwe market, cycling for a stunning ocean view, and diving in the pristine waters of the Andaman Sea.

Walk with Elephant in Kalaw

Do you support sustainable and responsible tourism? if yes then make sure to have Kalaw in your Myanmar 11-day itinerary. The Green Valley Elephant Camp offers one of the best experiences with elephants in Myanmar. You`ll have chances to explore green forests, and scenic valleys and have fun with elephants. 

Recommendation for  Myanmar 11 day tour 2024

In 2024, there are changes in terms of travel restrictions and as well the internal transport. This Myanmar 11-day tour has everything you need for a smooth, interesting trip to Myanmar. It is packed with colorful cultural exploration, iconic landscapes, and something extraordinary. 

Day 1: Yangon Arrival

Touch down in Yangon. Having a transfer to your hotel. The first day is left for your leisure.
If your flight arrives in the morning, an afternoon orientation Yangon tour can be arranged.

Day 2: Visit Yangon

Spend the day exploring the key attractions of Yangon like Chinatown, Indian Streets, Sule Pagoda, Chaukhtatgyi Pagoda, and Scott Market. 
Take time to walk in Kandawyi Palace then end by the sparkling Shwedagon pagoda for sunset.

Day 3: Yangon to Bagan

Get ready for an early flight to Nyang U town, from where you`ll unearth 2000 pagodas and temples jut out of the Bagan holy plain. The area was the capital of Pagan Kingdom and was dedicated to Buddhism. 

Day 4: Bagan to Mt. Popa

Mt Popa is located in one of the most beautiful Myanmar National Parks. It is a popular pilgrimage site that attracts millions of Buddhist practicers every year. On the top of Popa, there is a sacred pagoda named Taung Kalat which is worth climbing for fantastic views. 

Day 5: Bagan to Mandalay 

Spend a half-day road trip from Bagan to Mandalay. The route is very scenic as it snakes along the mighty Irrawaddy River. 
Upon your arrival in Mandalay, tour the key sites such as the Royal Palace, Kuthodaw Pagoda, and Mandalay Hill. 

Day 6: Mandalay Ancient Capitals

After breakfast, travel across the river to see Mingun, one of the four ancient capitals in Mandalay. It is recommended to take a guided tour as you will learn more about the history and legend of Mingun.
Keep the afternoon to explore the former capital of Amarapura and prepare your camera to shoot the sunset by Ubein, the longest teakwood bridge in the world.

Day 7: Mandalay to Inle Lake

Leave Mandalay for another road trip to Inle Lake. As you arrive in Nyang Shwe town, embark on a boat trip to experience life over the water. Drops in different stilt villages, floating gardens, and Phang Daw Oo pagoda. 
Settle your stay in a lakeside hotel. 

Day 8: Inle Lake Boat Trip - Fly to Ngapali Beach

Check out the most fascinating market of Inle Lake: the rotating Indein market which is considered as the rendezvous for local villagers to sell and buy their farming produce but also to socialize. It`s time to meet the Inthar, Salaung, or Akha hill tribes in their traditional customs. 
Do not forget to buy Myanmar Souvenirs like typical Shan bags or Myanmar Cigars.
Heading to the airport for the flight to Ngapali.
Note: depending on your travel time, you may have a direct flight or transit flight. 

Day 9: Ngapali Beach

Free at your leisure or book a diving tour at Ngapali Water Sport Center. 
For more information, please check our article: Best things to do in Ngapali Beach

Day 10: Ngapali Beach - Yangon

The morning is yours to immerse into the waters of Andaman Seas or visit Thandwe town. 
Taking the afternoon flight back to Yangon. Transfer to your hotel or have a cultural show at Kandawgyi Palace. 

Day 11: Yangon Departure. 

For those who want to learn more about local life, embark on the Yangon Circle Train that takes you to small local markets, pagodas, and townlets in the suburbs of Yangon. 
Head to the airport for your departure.

This is a suggestion for Myanmar's 11-day tour in 2024. If you want to know about the details or customize any details of this tour, please feel free to contact our Myanmar Travel Experts.
We do not charge any fee when you planning a trip with us !

Myanmar 11-day Itinerary for Cultural Explorers

If your interest is about Burmese unique culture and unlike, captivating landscapes then this itinerary is perfect for you
Day 01: Yangon Arrival
Day 02: Yangon Circular Train - City Tour
Day 03: Fly to Shan State. Boat trip in Inle Lake. 
Day 04: Inle Lake - Indein Stupas
Day 05: Inle Lake to Green hill valley to walk with elephants. Overnight in Kalaw.
Day 06: Kalaw to Bagan road trip. 
Day 07: Bagan temples tour. Sunset cruise in Irrawaddy river. 
Day 08: Bagan museum, artworks and traditional villages.
Day 09: Bagan to Mandalay by road. 
Day 10: Day trip to Pyin Oo Lwin. Fly back to Yangon
Day 11:Yangon departure

Myanmar 11 days with Ngwe Saung Beach

This Myanmar itinerary combines the highlights of southern Myanmar with the characterful destination of Bagan where a sacred plain is dominated by thousands of timeless pagodas and friendly villages. You can follow this itinerary for both winter and summer as it is less affected by the local flight frequency.

Day 01: Arrive in Yangon
Day 02: Experience the cultural heritages of Yangon on a guided walk. See Shwedagon pagoda at night. 
Day 03: Yangon to Bago by train then a road trip to Hpa An. 
Day 04: Full day sightseeing in Hpa An
Day 05: Hpa An - Mawlamyine
Day 06: Mawlamyin- Bilu Islands
Day 07: Mawlamyine - Yangon
Day 08: Yangon - Bagan by air.
Day 09: Active day in Bagan with bike, horse carte ride, and river cruise.
Day 10: Bagan at leisure. Flight back to Yangon.
Day 11: Yangon departure

Photo: Michael Jehhda

Myanmar Ocean Safari

This program focuses on Mergui Archipelago where the untouched islands, sandy beaches, unspoiled waterfalls, and amazing diving sites await your adventure. It is not a budget trip but perfect for those who want to touch the last Asia paradise without tourist crowds.
Day 01: Yangon Arrival
Day 02: Yangon fly to Myeik.
Day 03: Myeik - Mee Sein Island - Kun Thee Island
Day 04: Kun Thee Island - Dana Theik Di Island
Day 05: Dana Theik Di Island - Bailey Island
Day 06: Bailey Island - Thayaw Thahan Kyi Island
Day 07: Thayaw Thahan Kyi Island - Myeik
Day 08: Meyik - Yangon
Day 09: Yangon - Bago - Golden Rock
Day 10: Golden Rock - Yangon
Day 11: Yangon departure

Myanmar 11-day tour for family

Myanmar boasts the real old-world charm where your kids will find the ultimate playground like the old days. This itinerary includes travel spots and activities that are really kid-friendly.
Day 01: Yangon arrival
Day 02: Yangon Heritage Walk - Twante Biking
Day 03: Yangon to Shan State. Jungle walks with the elephant in Kalaw.
Day 04: Kalaw to Inle Lake. Boat trip on Inle Lake.
Day 05: Inle Lake to Pakkoku day trip. 
Day 06: Inle Lake Market and village exploration. 
Day 07: Inle Lake to Mandalay. Visit Mandalay Royal Palace and Gem Market.
Day 08: Coffee and Waterfall tour in Pyin Oo Lwin. 
Day 09: Pyin Oo Lwin - Mandalay - Bagan.
Day 10: Balloon in Bagan. River cruise 
Day 11: Fly to Yangon.
Day 12: Yangon city tour. Departure. 

Myanmar Travel Cost for 11 days

When it comes to the idea of budgeting your travel to Myanmar, the country is competitively cheap in Southeast Asia. Low-budget travel can be as low as $40/ day. 
However, it does not mean that high-end traveler should not place their trip in Myanmar. There is a wide range of luxury hotels and cruises from north to south where you can sample the incredible Burmese hospitality while staying at the lavish beach-front village or sailing the Andaman Sea waters in a private yacht. 
Interested in a free quote for your Holiday to Myanmar in 2024? do not hesitate to contact our travel expert. 

Myanmar 11-day Travel Q&A 2024

To help you plan a better Myanmar Trip, we have come up with all the practical and travel tips:

When is the best time to Visit Myanmar?

November to April is considered the best period to visit Myanmar. The most crowded time is often the new year and Christmas Eve. Make sure you reserve your hotel/ travel services before that. 
Thingyan festival - Burmese New Year is an important event and it is not easy to have services at the last minute. We strongly recommend you arrange all the accommodation at least if you travel during this period. 

Myanmar Visa Application

Unlike other countries in Asia, to apply for Myanmar Visa in 2024, you need to buy travel insurance!
You can apply through the online portal:
If you live in the cities where there are Burmese Embassies, you can go and apply directly there too. 

What are the main entrances of Myanmar?

Please note that in 2024, border crossing from neighboring countries to Myanmar is complicated. Many border gates between China, Thailand, and India to Myanmar do not accept foreign travelers.
It is advisable to enter Myanmar by air, mostly through the 2 main international airports: Yangon International Airport and Mandalay International Airport. Visa on arrival and Evisa are available at these airports. 

What should I pack for a travel to Myanmar?

As you travel to a tropical country, packing light is a good practice. Summer wear plus a light jacket could be fine for your travel to Myanmar.
Insert spray, sunscreen, and a hat are things you should not forget in your case. 
Remember that Myanmar is a country of Buddhism and whenever you visit a religious site, make sure you wear clothes that cover your knees, and shoulders and are not too open. 

Cash or ATM cards

The official currency of Myanmar is Kyat. US dollars and Euros are widely accepted in all Myanmar travel destinations. 
You`d better bring cash on a big note, that brings better value when you exchange money. 
Though ATMs are almost everywhere now in Myanmar bear in mind you have to pay high service fees to withdraw money. 


Can I book accommodation and hotels online?

There are many online booking sites where you can book all types of services in Myanmar ranging from airport pick-up to private Myanmar tours
If you book the hotel not directly with the hotel, make sure you have confirmation before you arrive. In many cases, it is better to print our all the travel documents when traveling to Myanmar. 

Can we do a road trip to Myanmar by ourselves?

Foreigners are not allowed to drive in Myanmar unless it is an organized Burma Caravan Trip with a tour guide/ pilot. 
If you want to have more information about this adventure, do not hesitate to let us know. 

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