Top Things to do in Dawei

Top Things to do in Dawei

Known as the capital of the Tanintharyi Division, Dawei is a true hidden gems in southern Myanmar. It boasts striking sea landscapes, beautiful exotic local culture. To appreciate the best of Dawei, these are the top things in Dawei you should do :
dawei waterfall

Angel Waterfall hoping

While in town, you can easily access the famous Tawkye Waterfall, Dawei surrounding has a number of waterfalls that are not listed in tourism radar.  
You may not find this cascading fall with large pool on google map. It is more on a private Dawei tour offered by some local tour operator. 
Angel Waterfall is a perfect spot to admire tropical forest, plunging into the pristine water. 
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Visit Paya Ge Museum

To get a glimpse of past and explore the rich heritage of Southern Myanmar, a visit to this museum is must. One can get to see a wide collection of bronze coins, vases, portraits and large wooden ancient Buddha images which are on display. Located on the main grounds of the largest pagoda in town this museum attracts lot of footfalls, donations are accepted at the door of this museum. 

dawei fishing village
                                                                                     Photo: Jacqueline Grouard

Enjoy Dawei River boat ride

A boat ride along the Dawei River or Tavoy River can be truly memorable. Sailing on a traditional long tail boat, traversing the picturesque zone known as " Little Amazon of Myanmar" is a perfect way to learn about local life as well as its fascinating traditional works.
Travelers can witness a wide variety of wildlife too, that includes white herons, kingfishers, and stalks. Views of sunset over the rustic villages along the river bank is simply romantic.

Savour an Upha Moe

This yummy Dawei dessert is a must try. The traditional dessert made from a very thin batter of coconut milk, rice, and egg is a foodie’s delight.
The batter is poured into a very small wok over a wooden cooker, with an extra clay pot containing embers placed on top to create a micro oven heating the Upha from both sides. It is then served on a banana leaf. 

See Lawka Tharaphu Pagoda & Its Reclining Buddha

This 250 ft long reclining Buddha is one of the most magnificent structure in Dawei. The best time to visit this gigantic statue is mid to late afternoon when the lower sun reflects directly off the golden body.
Lawka Tharaphu Pagoda, which houses this reclining Buddha, cannot be missed out on Dawei trip.

Explore Historic Buildings and Paya Ge Art works

The area around Paya Gee has a number of beautiful private wooden houses and monasteries that are built in a blend of Burmese and European architecture from the early 20th century. A stroll along the alleyways of Dawei would help one witness these beautiful wooden bungalows which is a complete visual treat.

dawei pristine beach

Take a stroll at Maungmagan Beach

Beach lovers will find this beautiful beach along the sleepy tropical town of Dawei. Located 12 km west of city centre, this quite sea front with its beautiful setting of hills rising straight up from the shoreline is a great place to hang around. There are a host of small restaurants serving fresh seafood here and a 30 minute walk south will get to a characterful fishing village with small boats nestled in its harbour.

mountain bike

Hit the mountain trail with Dawei Mountain Bike Club

For adventurers, a visit to the mountain bike club is a must. The club is very active, and tourists keep visiting and enquiring about various activities available here. They can offer a biking itinerary to provide a unique experience of Dawei local life.

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