Unique Cambodia Adventures You Should Take

Unique Cambodia Adventures You Should Take

When it comes to the reason why you should visit Cambodia, many will say it is for magnificent Angkor Wat temple. However, the country treasures so many things to seduce its visitors from rugged mountains with hidden waterfalls to secret ruin temples. If you are looking for some amazing experiences of a life time, these expert hand-picked Cambodia Adventures has something to inspire you
dirt bike cambodia

Northwest Dirt Bike Adventure

This 9 days trip is designed by Merry Travel Asia, our favorite tour operator in Cambodia. It showcases the diversity of landscape from Siem Reap to Kampong combining with the exploration of unpaved roads near Laos and Vietnam border. 
The highlights of this adventure come from the chance to admire Mekong river from different perspective and the encounter to the lush lands which are mostly unknown on tourism radar like Siem Pang, Banlung. 

                                                                                                                                            Photo: Ethan Crowley/ flickr

Ratanakiri Trek

Tucked in a lush area of northeast Cambodia, a trek to Ratanakiri reveals the untouched forest and local life in a fascinating way. The trek is at moderate level. It combines perfectly with other activities like waterfall hopping, boat trips, temple visit and even spotting Irrawaddy Dolphins.

angkor view

Capture Siem Reap Panorama from above

While all the tourists flocks to Siem Reap, there is a very unique method to differentiate your experience : taking a helicopter. You will catch the bird-eye view toward temple's spire and see even what other can not see from ordinary sightseeing. 
Flights are available at Helistar company for 8, 14 and 20 minutes and starting from $99.

forest cambodia

Rain Forest Adventure on 4W

The tour kicks off from Phnom Penh, crossing the Kirirom national park then ends by Siem Reap. What draws your attention on the way is not only the pristine nature but also the rich history reflected from attraction. There are various excursions beside the ride which enriches your experience in colors : Koh Kong island safari, Battambang bamboo train, Ksach Puoy vineyard. 

Conquer Phnom Oral Mountain

Why ? simply this is the highest mountain in Cambodia. Another reason is it is totally off the beaten track which means you will enjoy a very authentic travel into the wilderness as well meeting friendly locals. 

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