10 amazing Asia Road Trips

10 amazing Asia Road Trips

If you love to drive and looking forward to an exhilarating road trip in Asia, Here you go! Being an auto enthusiast ecstatic, here we list the 10 fascinating road trips in Asia which emphases on the high-quality car and zeal to driveway through.  However, these trips are recommended for the experienced drivers as the complexity of the drive may not be appropriate for the amateurs.
It’s time to explore Asia in a different way with these 10 stimulating road trips:
vang viengPhoto: Ahmad Syukaery

Vang Vieng to Luang Prabang, Laos

This road connects two famous tourist hubs of Laos but really less visited. The charm of this road comes from the picturesque rice paddies, awe-inspiring karst mountains and friendly local villages.
Your trip is full of amazing turns ranging from Pha Poak view points to steep pass before you reach the Unesco town of Luang Prabang.

bagan road

The Burma Road

When it comes to the idea of hitting the road that is totally unspoiled, the Burma Road could be a perfect choice. This scenic ride links China and Myanmar dotted with many historic sites boasting either British Colonial Heritages or Burmese temples. 
There are chances to adventure in Myanmar with stops by Lashio, a rugged area which is full of waterfalls and tranquil lake. 
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Halsema highwayPhoto: Arup - flickr.com

Halsema Highway – Philippines

Flaunting the verdant agricultural and farming towns, the incredible journey along this highway connects Sagada and Baguio. You can enjoy the towering mountains and serene countryside view while on your drive. Also knows as the ‘Mountain Trails’, it spans 150 kilometers providing the awe-inspiring backdrops. This highest altitude highway in the Philippines is 2,255 above the sea levels.  

Guoliang Tunnel
Photo: Kimmel

Guoliang Tunnel Road – China

Counted among the most dangerous tunnels, it is a 1.2 km long road which is strategically located in the Taihang Mountains. With a monk-alike focus, the drive along the carved roads on the mountainside is stimulating. The village of Guoliang has been linked to the outside world via this tunnel only. Due to its scenic route, it is counted among the top attractions in China.

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sado mountains

Osado Skyline Drive – Japan

With this drive, you will enjoy the mesmerizing views of the island’s mountain. As the road remains closed in winter, you need to be cautious while planning your road trip. With its two mountain ranges Sado Mountains and Big Sado, there is a plain area. Do not miss the radar site of the Japanese Defense Force to make your road trip memorable.

jeju islandPhoto: Rexluna

Iju Road – South Korea

If driving along a coastal area is the perfect idea of a road trip for you, it is located on the spectacular island of Jeju. You can find many roadsters here taking curves in style while enjoying one of your best drives along this coastal drive.

hai van passPhoto : Le Nam

Hai Van Pass – Vietnam

While having a cheerful drive along this Pass, the passers can enjoy a wonderful view of sky-scraping mountains and serene coastlines. There is one smooth road towards the north of Da Nang which counted among the best roads for a smooth drive.

Khardung Pass

Khardung Pass – India

Considered as the highest road in the world, approximately three miles above the sea level, you will find many camels, horses and people on your way along with the stunning mountain passes. You can witness snow-covered bamboo throughout your drive. 

Karakoram highway

Karakoram Mountains Highway – China

Enjoy several countries at Karakoram ranges while having an exciting drive of 800 miles. This highest paved international road is truly a paradise for exploring the captivating mountains. Considered as one of the toughest alpine climbs, the dangerous drop-offs and hairpin curves need a cautious drive here. Most of the road is asphalted which tests your driving ability and your vehicle efficiency.

fuji mountainPhoto: David Edelsten

Touge Roads on Mount Fuji – Japan

This road is famous among the drivers for its awe-inspiring views and thrilling hairpin turns. No matter which car you drive, the exotic scenery on your way will steal your heart. Don’t forget to take some clicks of the wonderful views to treasure it in your travel diaries.

phuket viewPhoto: Dimitris Christopolous

The Northeast Loop – Phuket, Thailand

Located quaintly on the island of Phuket, you will enjoy a drive on a loop towards the east coast of the beautiful island. The serene bay views, vintage villages and incredible architecture on your way will add an incredible experience to your travel diaries.
Discover these exotic road trips to experience a thrilling vacation! It’s time to unleash a roadie in you with these magnificent highways. 

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